Looking to lose weight quickly? Here’s how to drop dress sizes in just a few months as a woman over forty.

It’s incredibly common for your weight to creep up in your 40s. We often see women struggling time and time again because they’re trying things which worked for them in the past. They’re trying diets which worked in their 20s, yet these diets don’t give them the same results anymore…

This often leads to many women finding themselves stepping on the scales after a week of dieting, only to see no movement. They end up choosing clothes which covers up the problem areas, rather than wearing what they like.

They often worry that they’ll never be able to get their weight under control. Some even believe this is just a part of the ageing process which they will have to accept. This is never a nice situation to be in. If left unchecked, it can have an impact in all areas of a woman’s life.

However, this isn’t the case. The reason this happens is simple; a lot of the ‘normal’ approaches to fitness are NOT the ideal way to lose weight when you’re over forty!

This is why so many women end up feeling stuck and unable to lose weight, no matter what they try.

This is also a key reason why we created our Fit Over 40 method: a step by step guide for women over 40 to drop dress sizes over the next 12 weeks – in a fast and sustainable way.

In our most recent podcast episode, we break down exactly what that looks like. Plus, we share our entire method with you, so you can start seeing some incredible results over the next few months!

The program to help you drop dress sizes

Our Fit Over 40 method can be broken down into 11 key steps. These are also the 11 Chapters in our new book which comes out this month!

A Different Approach

It’s important to understand why conventional diets don’t work for women over 40. This isn’t something which is well known in the fitness industry, and means a lot of people waste their time not seeing the results they deserve.

Most people assume that all people are the same. They assume all women are in the same situation. In reality, women’s bodies change as they get older. This means traditional weight loss approaches no longer work. So you won’t see the results which worked for you in your 20s and 30s.

The Hormone Problem

So what changes are actually happening physiologically? Firstly, menopause plays a huge part. You may experience changes in progesterone and oestrogen, which have a huge impact on your body. Plus, what you eat and how you move can make these side-effects much worse.

Additionally, sensitivity to stress and cortisol increases with age. Plus, this is three times more in women than men! Cortisol levels spike much more easily and stay here for longer. This is going to lead to leptin resistance, insulin resistance, and thyroid deregulation. Collectively, this can slow down your metabolism and increase your cravings.

Most diets and exercise approaches increase internal stress levels. This makes it much harder to lose weight when you’re over 40. Instead, you need something that keeps stress on the body low to minimise the impact of menopause, and help you drop dress sizes.

The F3 Formula

The weight loss industry has a dirty little secret: most diets add more stress to your already busy life. They take over your life. This leaves no room for family emergencies or social events. Essentially, you can’t keep it up long term, and the results will always be temporary.

Our Fit Over 40 Method recognises that all aspects of your life are intertwined. Our F3 Formula stands for: fitness, family and fun. We promote that you need to have a balance between all three in order to succeed.

The Seven Success Strategies To Get Fit Over Forty

Regardless of the approach, there are seven things you must have in order to succeed and achieve a lifetime transformation. These are broken down into two areas:

The four phases of a lifetime transformation

  1. Reboot: Which includes breaking bad habits and building new ones which will get you the results you want.
  2. Reframe: You need to shift your mindset so that you can avoid slipping back into bad habits in the long term.
  3. Reverse: It’s important to rebuild your metabolism to avoid post-diet weight gain
  4. Maintain: This is where you transition into maintaining results for the long-term!

The three essential motivators

  1. Accountability: It’s important to have someone there to make sure you’re always on track and seeing progress.
  2. Support: This refers to having someone you can ask for help whenever you need it, who can solve any problems that you face, and who can make sure these problems don’t happen again.
  3. Community: It’s vital to be surrounded by like-minded women, who understand what you’re going through and can help and support you on your journey.

If you’re interested in finding a long-term, sustainable diet designed for women over 40, you can find out more about working with us here!

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