Took Back Control Of Her Life!

“TRINITY has given me the tools to take control of my food, time, mindset and emotions. I have become a better mum, I no longer have my low days and I am more tuned into my children” – Katie Church

Katie, a teaching assistant and single mum of three children (and a dog) had just gone through a difficult divorce and gained weight throughout her marriage. Her life was predominantly about her work and children but she wanted to take control of her fitness and the way she felt about herself. Over a year later she has made fantastic progress and her story is an inspiration!

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Re-Gained Her Lost Confidence!

“I’m now a size 8 which is beyond what I wanted to achieve. My marriage is a lot better, I’m much happier with that side of things. Work wise, we’ve had the best year profit wise that we’ve ever had and I don’t think it can be just a coincidence – the thing that’s changed is me!” – Patricia Fox

Patricia Fox, business owner, mother and wife – hit rock bottom after her mother passed away and slipped into a downward spiral with food, alcohol and weight gain. She came to TRINITY to take control of her health and fitness. What she got was more than she planned… She dropped from a size 14 to an 8 but also saw big results in her life and in her business.

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Transformed Her Mindset!

“I wanted to become lean in a healthy and sustainable way with a programme that featured training, and which would make me think about what I was eating, and would help me with my mindset. I have lost 30.25 inches over my body, and 26.4kg reduction in my weight. My confidence has gone through the roof and I feel so much happier now in my own skin. Trinity is everything to me, it has become a way of life!” – Caroline Wood

Caroline Wood, a full time professional manager and mum of 2 from Oxfordshire joined TRINITY because she was fed up with conventional “dieting”. She came to learn that her mindset was everything and over a one year period she lost over 4 stone in weight, dropped two dress sizes and completely transformed her confidence and happiness. When we asked what she’d say to someone thinking about joining she told us “Make the investment in yourself today, you will not regret it!!”

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Got A Body She’s Proud Of!

“I ended last year miserable and unhappy with the way I looked. I’ve always wanted to become lean and strong but just never had the confidence or the knowledge to make the changes until I came across TRINITY.” – Laura Sneddon

Laura joined TRINITY because she had be struggling to shrink her waist and tone up and after Christmas she was feeling unhappy with the way she looked. She wanted to make her body something that she was proud of, to feel confident in a bikini on holiday and regain her inner self confidence. In just 12 weeks, Laura was able to get in the best shape of her life, to feel happy and confident with how she looked, to feel sexy again, to believe in herself and to be the best version of herself for her and her family!

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Feels Amazing About Herself!

“Before I started TRINITY I was a size 14 and the heaviest I have been as I’d had my third daughter 3 months earlier. I felt tired, heavy, embarrassed about my size and helpless. I have lost 7kg and 16 inches over 3 months which feels fantastic and I never would have achieved it without this programme. It is just the right balance of accountability and structure and flexibility to make it sustainable.” – Toni Wells

Toni Wells, working Mum of three came to TRINITY because she wanted to lose the baby weight after having her third child. She had struggled to see results in the past because she felt too unmotivated to get started. Through TRINITY she found the drive, focus and accountability she needed to lose a stone in just 3 months. Even when she was pushed for time and sleep deprived looking after a 3 month old baby, she was able to succeed and she puts this down to our simple, straightforward approach designed to work specifically for busy mums.

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1 Dress Size Down In 12 Weeks!

“My confidence took a massive hit when I put on the weight and I struggled with my partner and my own mental well being hence joining trinity. Having dropped a dress size in the first 12 weeks I would love to drop another dress size. I have found a renewed confidence and love of exercise which I really want to continue with!” – Debbie Laming

Debbie came to TRINITY looking to get her weight and fitness under control. She had gained weight and this was affecting all areas of her life. She was feeling self conscious, avoiding social events and avoiding wearing tight, fitted clothes. Her relationship had started to suffer because she was feeling self conscious in front of her other half. she found the support of other women in the TRINITY community to be extremely valuable and with our help she was able to get back into clothes that were previously too small!

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Strong, Sexy, Toned & Confident!

“I am flabbergasted at the changes in the way my body looks and how I feel. This programme has helped me achieve things I never ever thought possible. Having been miserable with my body for 20 years, I now feel sexy and confident, have dropped to a size 14 top and bottom, and am even developing abs!
Trinity is the best thing I have ever done and sustainable”
– Naomi Chadwick

Naomi came to TRINITY to transform her body but she ended up getting more than she signed up for. Not only did she see fantastic results with her body, she also learned to eat and exercise in a way that keeps her body strong and toned – something she never thought would be possible. When we asked what she’d say to someone thinking of joining, she told us “To someone thinking of joining I would say DO IT!! It’s the best thing I have ever done. Having been miserable and depressed about my body for 20 years this has been life changing!”

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Loving Her Life Again!

“When I started I was a very tight 12 (who am I kidding I was a size 14). It was the biggest and heaviest I’d been since having children and it was soul destroying to feel and look so uncomfortable. Mentally I feel like a different person it’s not just the weight lost or the inches that disappear that gives you that boost it’s the confidence. Trinity gives you or rather teaches you in food and life choices. My husband has said that he’s got his wife back the woman who loved life and lived life and it’s Trinity who helped me to be that person again so thank you.” – Tracey Winney

Tracey had been struggling with her weight and body image. She was feeling uncomfortable in her clothes and it was affecting her mental state and happiness. She joined TRINITY to take back control of her body and her life and she completely changed the way that she felt about herself. Not only did this improve her life but her husband couldn’t believe the changes she had made! Tracey’s story is amazing and inspiring.

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Lost Weight & Feels Great!!

“Before starting TRINITY I was a size 12 and weight was going up I was about 10 stone and felt very wobbly and in need of shaping up. I was feeling little fed up and needed help. Now I feel great!! I have lost a little weight and I have lost inches from my waist, hips and bust,! I’m looking after myself and love the food and exercises I have been doing, I’m feeling a lot leaner and stronger and love the way my clothes are fitting now.” – Claire Watkins

Claire, working Mum of 2 from Lowestoft, wanted to be leaner and have more tone to her body. Her weight was creeping up and she was feeling very wobbly. She felt stuck and in need of help so she joined TRINITY and in just 12 weeks she completely transformed her body. Now she’s able to get back into all of her favourite clothes that didn’t used to fit!

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