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Ep 163 – How Sam Got Back Into Her Size 12 Jeans At Age 52

In today’s podcast Rob is joined by Sam Canning who started our Fit Over 40 program 16 weeks ago. Sam works in a busy corporate role and has tried almost every diet going, but now she’s in her early 50s, she’s really struggled to lose the weight and keep it off and was frustrated that […]

Ep 162 – Defeating the Alcohol Monster with Carol Urry

In today’s podcast Rob is joined by alcohol-free expert Carol Urry. Carol is a busy mum of 2, who started turning to alcohol to deal with the stress and worry around raising her son, who has Asperger’s Syndrome and ADHD. Whilst she wasn’t an alcoholic, she ended up drinking a glass of two of wine […]

Ep 161 – Are Carbs Bad for Women Over 40?

Many of the women we work with are scared to eat carbs when they start. Low carb is one of the most recent dieting trends, but cutting out carbs can actually make it harder for women over 40 to lose weight. In today’s episode, Trinity Co-Founders Ben Hughes and Rob Birkhead reveal the truth about […]

Ep 160 – 4 Steps To Lose a Stone Before Summer (For Women Over 40)

With the right approach, losing weight as a woman over 40 can happen faster than most people think. In fact, we’ve got countless stories of women who’ve lost a stone or more within 4-6 weeks, and many go on to lose another stone within 12 weeks. In today’s episode, Trinity Co-Founders Ben Hughes and Rob […]

Ep 159 – How to Boost Confidence & Self-Belief Using NLP with Suzanne James

In today’s episode Rob is joined by Suzanne James, an expert in helping women to boost their confidence and self-belief, so that they can reach their full potential, both in their personal and professional life. Suzanne is a busy working mum of two, and used the techniques we talk about in today’s episode to overcome […]

Ep 158 – How Sarah Lost 3st 4lbs In Her 40s

In 12 months, Sarah went from a size 14/16 to losing 45.5lbs and fitting in size 8s – all whilst working full time in her busy insurance job and raising her two sons. However, it wasn’t always like this – since having children Sarah had struggled with her weight for years. Nothing she tried seemed […]

Ep 157 – Why Gyms Don’t Work For Women Over 40

We’ve spoken to countless women in their 40s and 50s who’ve tried going to the gym to lose weight. They’ve tried gym classes, spinning, HIIT or Personal Training, but nothing they try at the gym seems to get the scales moving, and for good reason! In today’s episode, Trinity Co-Founders Ben Hughes and Rob Birkhead […]

Ep 156 – How To Drop A Dress Size With A Busy Career

High stress levels, back-to-back meetings, managing a team and reporting to senior leadership can all take it’s toll. It can seem almost impossible to lose weight when faced with the constant stress and challenges of a busy career. However, we have learned a thing or two having worked with over 6,500 busy high-achieving women in […]

Ep 155 – Women Over 40: Best Treat Foods That Help You Lose Weight

Despite what most bog-standard diets say, you don’t have to give up treats to lose weight (even as a woman over 40). However, there are certain criteria all food must meet – including treats – to work with your changing body and hormones in order to lose weight. In today’s episode, Trinity Co-Founders Ben Hughes […]

Ep 154 – How To Stop Stress Eating (For Women Over 40)

Do you ever end up rewarding yourself with food after a stressful day of work? For many of the women we work with, the stress of working in a high-paced job become overwhelming – and this can push people to reward themselves with food as a pick me up after work. In this podcast, Trinity […]

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