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Ep 273 – How Nicola Lost 4 Stone At 53 & Whilst Menopausal

Follow Nicola’s inspiring journey as she tackles health challenges at 53. Through the TRINITY program, Nicola sheds 4 stone, gains confidence, and embraces resilience. Discover the power of community, accountability, and mindset in her transformation. Nicola’s story proves it’s never too late to prioritize health and happiness, and will hopefully inspire you to take the […]

Ep 271 – How Jade Lost 35lbs In 16 Weeks (At 53 & During Menopause)

Jade is 53, a married mum of 2 and the Executive Director of a charity in the care sector. Whilst she’s had huge success in her home and work life, Jade’s struggled with her weight since having children 18 years ago. The covid pandemic ramped up the stress at work, her energy levels were at […]

Ep 269 – How Jeanie Got Back To Her Wedding Weight In Her 50s

In her 50s and struggling with weight gain during menopause, Jeanie felt disconnected from her once-active self. However, her journey took a positive turn with Trinity Transformation, where she found a tailored approach that quickly and easily helped her shed pounds. This transformative method catered specifically to her body’s changes, proving that reclaiming vitality and […]

Ep 268 – Why You’re Not Losing Weight Around Menopause (Part 3: Nutrition)

This episode is the third part in our series where we talk about the 6 different reasons why you’re struggling to lose weight around menopause. You can be doing everything right around the menopause, but if you’re eating the wrong foods, eating too much, or even tool little (yes, that includes all the starvation diets!), […]

Ep 267 – How Lou Lost 7.5 Stone At Age 49 Around Menopause

In this episode, TRINITY co-founder and CEO, Rob Birkhead, revisits two amazing interviews he did with TRINITY member Lou Marsh to find out how she first lost 6 stone in 12 months aged 49, whilst in a very stressful job and perimenopausal, and then in the second part her journey to losing 7.5 stone and […]

Ep 265 – How Voland Dropped 3 Jeans Sizes At Age 63

Voland, another one of TRINITY’s Top 10 Success Stories, dropped 3 jeans sizes despite being in her 60s! This episode is a quick one, but is sure to inspire as Rob delves into the story of how Voland achieved the seemingly impossible, conquering her joint pains, low confidence and breathlessness. Enjoy! If You Are Ready […]

Ep 264 – Why You’re Not Losing Weight Around Menopause: (Part 1 Hormones)

Many of our listeners have shared their frustrations with us, recounting how the diets and routines that worked in their 20s and 30s now seem futile as the scale refuses to budge. This is a new series that is dedicated to uncovering why weight loss becomes such a battle during these transformative years and, more […]