Would you like to drop a dress size before summer? Here’s how we’ve helped thousands of women over 40!

We frequently get asked for tips on how to quickly lose weight by our clients. We’ve worked with thousands of women over forty to help them drop a dress size before summer… and we’ve put together a few easy tips to consider to see excellent results!

It can sometimes be difficult for women over forty when it comes to losing excess weight. For many, it can seem like they can’t get the scales moving (no matter what they try)!

These women are often trying everything which worked in their 20s and 30s, but are no longer seeing results. It can seem like their body is fighting against them!

With their weight creeping up and waistline expanding, it can be incredibly frustrating! Living in baggy clothes and covering up ‘problem areas’ is never a nice feeling.

Despite this, we’ve helped plenty of women in this situation to remove the barriers in their way. If you’re looking to lose the excess weight, regain your confidence and feel amazing, you’re in luck!

In our most recent podcast episode, we revealed our step-by-step guide to losing a stone before summer. And, you won’t need to sacrifice the things you love to get there!

Reset your brain-food connection

When your brain is hooked on sugar, it can be increasingly difficult to eat healthier. If sugary foods and alcohol are common cravings, trying to avoid these hankerings can become harder and harder. In fact, the disruption in your hormones due to ageing can make the problem worse!

In our experience, it’s almost impossible to wean yourself off gradually. On our Fit Over 40 program, we help our clients to completely cut out these foods… and this is a helpful springboard for these women to lose 1-2 stone in just a few weeks!

Resetting your cravings by going cold turkey is an incredible way to reset your brain-food connection.

We recommend cutting out any foods which are particularly difficult to control. Particularly, try avoiding wheat, alcohol, dairy and sugar. Simply doing this for 1-2 weeks can help you get into better habits with food!

Exercise the right way

Any diet which avoids exercise is never sustainable. You’ll need to starve yourself to see long-term results, which often results in out-of-control eating and regaining any lost weight.

When working from home, it’s easy to stay sat down all day… and many women over forty have noticed the weight creeping up for this very reason.

That being said, the alternative also doesn’t work. Doing too much exercise can spike stress levels, especially on top of a busy lifestyle. If your family life is hectic and you have a full-on work life… stressful exercise can take its toll. Exercises like HIIT, spinning and long runs can all have a negative effect.

So, what’s the solution? In order to drop a dress size as a woman over forty… you’ll need to exercise in a way that keeps stress hormone levels low.

We recommend trying LIST training, or low-impact strength training. Combining this with hitting your step count can lead to incredible results! These methods build muscle, tone your body, burn fat and keep your stress at optimum levels.

We do this inside our Fit Over 40 program. Our clients do just three sessions a week for less than 45 minutes… and typically see a loss of 1-2 stone on the scales! This is the best way to drop a dress size before summer as a woman over forty.

Adjust your nutrition

This may sound obvious, but it’s really important to eat the right amount for your body.

Calories are a measure of how much energy is in foods and drinks… and the number one basic science of weight loss is this: you must burn more calories than you consume to lose weight.

All diets work because of this reason. Some hide this fact (for example using a points system), but at the end of the day they all work in the same way. For example:

  • Keto and low carb diets work because they cut out the calories from an entire food group
  • Slimming clubs work by assigning points to certain foods

However, in our experience, the easiest and most flexible way to lose weight is by tracking calories. This helps to avoid over-consumption while still enjoying your favourites snacks!

When it comes to nutrition, don’t worry about the fine details. Firstly, just focus on eating the right amount every day. Combine this with the right type of exercise, and you’ll see some amazing results!

Proactively manage stress levels

It can be difficult to manage stress inputs, especially as you get older. From work pressures, like back-to-back meetings, to family responsibilities… women over 40 have many stressors that contribute to a busy lifestyle.

If stress isn’t managed correctly, it can disrupt your hormones. This can lead to mindlessly munching in the evenings and weekends while preoccupied with other things. From eating a whole sharing bag of chocolate to drinking a glass of wine on the sofa… this extra stress can be difficult to manage!

So, what’s the solution? The clients on our Fit Over 40 program try something called the Stress Shield. This daily mindset routine takes just seven minutes a day! It helps to avoid stress levels becoming too high and self-sabotaging as a result. If you’d like to find out more, click this link!

Stop struggling alone

If you knew how to get results on your own, you’d have already got them! Just like it can be difficult to stay motivated when you’re working from home on your own… it can be really difficult to stay motivated to exercise and eat well. When you’re doing it all by yourself, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing, it can sometimes become too much.

For women over forty, weight loss is a new challenge that can be difficult to figure out. With changing hormones, a busy lifestyle and extra stress… it’s very easy to throw in the towel.

In our experience, there are two things that can help. Firstly, being part of a group of like-minded women on the same mission. This way you don’t have to struggle alone, and you can learn from other peoples’ tips and tricks.

Secondly, have someone to help you! Having someone to guide you and keep you accountable takes the uncertainty out of the process.

This is exactly what our clients got on our program! Our clients typically lose between 1-2 stone every 12 weeks, and keep it off for good!

If you’re interested in finding a long-term, sustainable diet designed for women over 40, you can find out more about working with us here!

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