In the quest for weight loss during menopause, many women find themselves trapped in an exhausting cycle of fad diets and fleeting results. Clare Gibson’s story stands out as a beacon of hope and practical guidance for women over 40 struggling to lose weight amidst hormonal changes. This blog post delves into Clare’s transformation, highlighting how tailored strategies and personalized coaching can conquer the challenges posed by menopause-related weight gain.

Expect To Learn About:

  • An introduction to Clare and her struggles with weight before finding success.
  • Challenges Faced Over the Years: Overview of the diets Clare tried and why they failed.
  • Turning Point: How Clare’s encounter with a unique program led to significant weight loss.
  • Success Achieved: Details on Clare’s weight loss and the benefits she experienced.
  • Key Strategies for Success: What made the difference for Clare in her weight loss journey.
  • The Role of a Menopause Weight Loss Private Coach: How personalized coaching helped Clare.

Clare Gibson’s Background

At 54, Clare Gibson from West Sussex, a Senior Operations Manager in the Social Care Sector, represents the challenges many face while dealing with weight gain during menopause. Living an active life and wanting to be a vibrant grandmother, Clare found herself at her heaviest last summer, leading to a pivotal moment of self-realization.

Challenges Faced Over the Years

For over a decade, Clare tried multiple diets including Weight Watchers, Keto, Juice Diets, and 5:2 Fasting. Each diet offered initial success, but none provided a sustainable solution, propelling her into a discouraging cycle of yo-yo dieting. Her struggle is a common tale for many women trying to manage weight, especially during the hormonal shifts of menopause.

Turning Point

The turning point came when Clare discovered the TRINITY program, specifically designed to address the unique challenges faced by women in her age group—those dealing with menopause and its complexities. The program’s approach resonated with Clare, prompting her to embark on a more tailored and understanding path to weight loss.

Success Achieved

Within six months, Clare lost 1.5 stone (21 pounds) and 18 inches overall, with significant reductions from her waist, hips, and bust. The physical transformation allowed her to rediscover the joy of shopping and fitting into her favorite clothes, significantly boosting her self-esteem. Importantly, she maintained her new weight even through the indulgent periods of Christmas and holidays.

Key Strategies for Success

Clare attributes her success to several key strategies:

  1. Moving away from general diet plans to a personalized approach provided by TRINITY.
  2. Acknowledging and addressing the specific needs of her body during menopause.
  3. Developing a healthier relationship with food and body image, understanding that setbacks are part of the journey.

The Role of a Menopause Weight Loss Private Coach

One of the most crucial elements of Clare’s success was her partnership with a private coach who specialized in “menopause weight loss.” This coach helped her navigate the unique challenges posed by hormonal changes and supported her through personal and professional stresses. This one-on-one coaching was pivotal in keeping Clare consistent and motivated throughout her journey.


Clare Gibson’s story is a powerful testament to the effectiveness of specialized programs and private coaching for women seeking “over 40 weight loss” and “how to lose weight around/in menopause.” Her journey underscores that with the right support and tailored approach, lasting weight loss and rejuvenation during and after menopause are attainable goals. For those inspired by Clare’s story, exploring a similar path with a “menopause weight loss private coach” might just be the key to unlocking their own success story.