Navigating menopause can be a challenging journey, especially when it comes to weight management. The team at TRINITY Transformation has spent over a decade helping more than 6,500 women lose 15-25 lbs in just 12 weeks. This success story is rooted in personalized coaching and a deep understanding of how hormonal changes during menopause impact weight loss.

Expect To Learn About:

  • The common misconceptions about breakfast during menopause
  • Why skipping breakfast or eating certain “healthy” foods can hinder your weight loss
  • The impact of hormonal changes on weight gain and loss during menopause
  • Specific breakfast foods to avoid and why
  • Healthier breakfast alternatives that align with the nutritional needs of women over 40
  • Real-life success stories from women who transformed their breakfast habits


A common question we get asked about how to lose weight around menopause is, “What’s the best thing to eat for breakfast, and should I eat it at all?” Women in their 40s and 50s often struggle with weight gain and find it difficult to see results even with a seemingly healthy diet. This struggle can lead to frustration and a feeling of hopelessness.

At TRINITY Transformation, we’ve helped over 6,500 women around menopause lose 15-25 lbs in 12 weeks or less over the last decade. Our approach focuses on understanding the unique hormonal changes women experience during menopause and tailoring a diet that supports weight loss and overall health.

The Breakfast Misconception

Many women believe that eating less or skipping breakfast will help them lose weight. However, this often leads to no movement on the scale or even weight gain. This can be incredibly demotivating, causing many to give up. When you know the best foods to eat for breakfast, you can start seeing the scales move in the right direction.

Why Hormones Matter

Menopause brings hormonal changes that can make it easier to gain weight, especially around the middle, and harder to lose it. Understanding which foods help manage these changes is crucial.

The 7 Worst Breakfasts Around Menopause

Let’s dive into the seven worst breakfasts for women around menopause and what you should have instead.

1. Nothing at All!

Skipping breakfast might seem like a good idea, but for women around menopause, it can increase stress hormones and trigger weight gain. If fasting, opt for an earlier dinner instead of skipping breakfast.

2. Cereal

Cereal is often ultra-processed and high in sugar, leading to blood sugar spikes and crashes. For instance, Crunchy Nut contains 35g of sugar per 100g—similar to a candy bar.

3. Granola

Granola, although slightly less processed, is calorie-dense due to being baked in oil and sugar. It’s low in protein, making it a poor breakfast choice.

4. Toast

Even whole-grain toast is highly processed and primarily consists of carbs. Topping it with more carbs like jam exacerbates the issue, causing blood sugar spikes and quick hunger.

5. Pastries

Pastries are highly processed and often combined with unhealthy fats. They lack protein and are not filling, leading to increased hunger and calorie intake.

6. Breakfast Biscuits

Products like Belvita are marketed as healthy but are high in sugar and low in protein. They don’t provide lasting satiety and are essentially another form of ultra-processed food.

7. Flavored Yogurts

Most flavoured yogurts are high in sugar and low in protein. Even Greek-style yogurts can be deceptive, offering less protein than you might think.

Healthier Breakfast Alternatives

Instead of these common choices, opt for breakfasts that combine unprocessed carbs, healthy fats, and proteins. Here are some ideas:

Porridge and Protein

Combine porridge with protein powder or a side of eggs to keep you full longer.


A smoothie with protein powder, berries, chia seeds, and almond milk is nutrient-dense and satisfying.


Eggs are versatile and high in protein. Try an omelet with vegetables or eggs with smoked salmon and avocado.

Healthy Fry-Up

Opt for grilled chicken sausages, bacon medallions, and eggs for a satisfying and balanced meal.

Greek Yogurt with Berries

Choose high-protein Greek yogurt and add berries for a fiber boost.

Client Success Story: Emma

Emma transformed her breakfast habits with TRINITY Transformation’s guidance. She swapped out granola and cheese sandwiches for healthier options and saw incredible results, losing over a stone in weight and fitting back into her favourite clothes.


Choosing the right breakfast foods can significantly impact weight loss during menopause. Avoiding highly processed, high-sugar foods and opting for balanced, nutrient-dense meals will help you achieve your weight loss goals and feel great.