Are you finding it hard to lose weight? Your home environment might be to blame. Here’s why your environment is causing you to not lose weight.

We speak to plenty of women in their 40s who are looking to drop a dress size. Yet, they’re struggling to see any movement with their weight.

They’re trying all the plans which worked for them in their 20s, then stepping on the scales and seeing no movement. This can be really frustrating, and can leave people feeling completely trapped.

One of the main reasons this happens is down to the physical and hormonal changes that women go through as they get older. These changes can make it easier to gain weight around the middle. It also makes it more difficult to lose weight again with normal dieting.

The good news is that there’s a quick and easy way to escape from this situation! It usually comes down to a few simple mistakes that people make which stop them from getting results.

Today, we’re going to discuss how your environment is hindering your weight loss. This includes the people and things around you, and both your digital and physical environment.

No accountability

Without someone to keep accountable, its all too easy to give up after a hard week. We like to believe we can do it on our own, and maybe you could when you were younger… but doing it alone is hard!

It’s easy to fail in private, as there’s no short-term repercussions to giving up.

In order to succeed with any difficult achievement in life, accountability is essential. You need someone who’s keeping an eye on what you’re doing, and checking in with you every week.

We don’t recommend this to be a friend or family member – as this never works! A friend will let you off the hook, or a family member will be perceived as unhelpful. Instead, it needs to be someone impartial. Someone you respect, who’s ideally experienced in what you’re trying to achieve.

Accountability is just one of the reasons our clients see such fantastic results. Every member of our Fit Over 40 program is assigned a coach who they check in with every week. 

No community

Your identity gets shaped by the people who you surround yourself with on a daily basis. For example, if everyone at work is constantly eating treats and cakes every week, it’s easy to get sucked into that same behaviour. It becomes “normal” in your day to day life.

If none of your family members are into exercise, you’ll be the same. You’ll likely end up doing less active activities in order to “fit in” with everybody else.

Therefore, if you are surrounded by people who are on the same mission as you, working on their fitness goals, eating healthy and exercising regularly, this sets an example for you to follow. This way, you fit in with the healthy habits of the other people in your tribe.

If you do this for long enough, eventually you start to identify as a “healthy person” – and those habits become a part of your own identity, as well as the group that you surround yourself with!

The other advantage of being surrounded by a group of people working towards similar goals is that you can build on their successes and they can give you hints and tips about strategies which have worked for them.

No expert support

Losing weight when you’re younger is relatively straightforward, you simply move more, eat less. If you hit a plateau, you’d just do a bit more exercise or eat a bit less.

However, for women in their 40s and 50s, it’s not that straightforward.

Changes in the female sex hormones in the run up to menopause means the body works differently to how it did in your 20s and 30s. You’re more sensitive to stress (including over-exercising and under-eating). You’re more sensitive to certain food choices, and more sensitive to lifestyle factors like sleep, caffeine and alcohol.

This means it’s hard for people to figure out why they’ve hit a plateau, and often they end up doing the wrong thing – making it worse, not better.

A coach with expertise working with women over 40 will have seen whatever problem you’re facing 100 times before, so they’ll immediately know what to do in order to see results again. This saves you months of effort, trying and failing to see progress!

So, support is all about saving you time and energy doing the wrong thing so you can get to your goals more quickly!

To find out more about how Trinity can help you see the results you deserve, click here!

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