Are you fed up with doing diet after diet only to regain all the weight afterwards?

Well, I’ll be honest with you… you’re NOT the only one. The dieting industry has really got out of control over the past few years, focusing on short term results but leaving people vulnerable to weight regain afterwards.

And that’s no coincidence…

The Problem With “Dieting”

The harsh reality is this:

Diets are DESIGNED for you to regain the weight afterwards rather than giving lifetime results.

But why would anyone do this? Simple – So you keep coming back and paying them more and more money. Sadly the world we live in (and especially the “fitness” industry) is driven by PROFIT above all else. It’s not pretty but it’s reality.

None of the “plans” and “programmes” out there focus on shifting your LIFESTYLE, so the minute you stop “dieting” and go back to your “normal” way of eating and exercising… You regain all the weight faster than you lost it in the first place!

So what can you do to avoid this yo-yo dieting trap? Well I’m going to lay it out for you in this blog post!

Here are the 4 steps to LIFETIME weight loss and lifestyle transformation.


1. Focus On LIFESTYLE Change.

This is the most important shift you can make to escape the cycle of yo-yo dieting and wasting time, money and effort on never ending dieting. To stop focusing on purely “losing weight” but to focus on transforming your lifestyle, your habits and your mindset so you don’t just “get thinner” but you actually start to act like a “thin person” acts.

Today I want you to consider the following…

If you don’t transform your lifestyle, you could struggle for the next 5,10 or 20 years spending £1000’s on “weight loss plans” and still end up back at SQUARE ONE after all that hard work.

I don’t know how it is for you but in my experience “dieting” is not enjoyable, it’s the RESULTS of the diet that are enjoyable. I don’t enjoy starving myself, doing HIIT cardio, following strict “meal plans”, giving up my favourite foods or sacrificing my family and social life all for the sake of dropping a few pounds – that’s just not the way I live and that’s not a sustainable approach in my eyes.

What if you could lose weight and get the body you want while eating “normal foods”, doing just a few hours of exercise per week, working on your mindset and motivation and ENJOYING the process of becoming fitter and healthier? Well… you can! But only if you stop focusing on short term “dieting” and start to focus on lifestyle change (the sooner the better).

Solution: STOP “dieting” and START transforming your lifestyle.

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2. Lose Weight Eating What You LOVE

Yes, you read that right. With the right approach you can literally eat the foods you LOVE every single day and lose weight, get fitter and tone up in the process – Yet nobody is really teaching this (which I think is crazy!)

Most “diets” out there would have you believe that nutrition is complicated… that it’s some magical science that normal people wouldn’t be able to understand… and so they hide the actual “Nutrition Plan” behind their own made up system. Whether that’s a “tailored meal plan”, points you have to track, special “diet meals” that you have to eat, slimming shakes, carb cycling, fasting or whatever else.

Which leaves you having to eat what SOMEBODY ELSE tells you you should eat – powerless to make your own decisions about what food to put into your body in order to lose weight and tone up.

Today I will have you consider…

If you continue to follow these cryptic approaches and refuse to TAKE CONTROL of your own nutrition and food choices by learning what and how much food to put into your body, you’ll be a prisoner to “diets” and “programmes” for the rest of your life.

I don’t know how it is for you but I LOVE food. I enjoy eating pizzas, ice cream, chocolate, cookies and the occasional takeaway (I’m making myself hungry)… and I’m able to eat ALL of these things and still have the body I want because of one thing…

I know how many CALORIES I’m putting into my body.

You see… the thing that gives you 90% of the results when it comes to nutrition is eating the right amount of calories – that’s why every “diet” works… because in some roundabout way they get you to eat less food each day which results in you losing weight (simple, right).

So what if you could be FLEXIBLE with your diet and enjoy eating all of your favourite foods every day whilst STILL seeing your waist shrinking in the mirror every week? Well… you can! But only if you find out how many calories your body needs to see results and then learn how to track the foods you are eating to hit that target each day (which can be done in 15 minutes or less)

Solution: STOP letting “diets” tell you what to eat and START tracking your calories.

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3. Boost Your Metabolism With Exercise

So here’s the truth… If you want to see permanent, LIFETIME transformation to your body and your life, you’re going to have to exercise. Anyone who tells you that you can just sip a few slimming shakes or eat less food and lose weight for life is… well a F**king liar.

But there’s one myth about exercise in the “fitness industry” that just won’t seem to die… and this is keeping people STUCK in the cycle of yo-yo dieting for decades. Seriously, you could put in a ton of effort into your  exercise plan but if you’re getting this wrong you could actually be making your results WORSE rather than better.

When people think “Fat loss”, they usually think cardio… and that is a mistake for ONE REASON.

Cardio Slows Your Metabolism <- Yup.

Today I will have you consider…

Any programme that uses cardio to help you lose weight is going to set you up for a HUGE weight regain later down the line by causing your metabolism to slow to a CRAWL… and until you learn to boost your metabolism with exercise you’re always going to have to starve yourself to lose weight.

So let’s pause for a second – what does metabolism have to do with weight loss? In simple terms, the faster your metabolism, the MORE food you can eat without putting on weight and the SLOWER your metabolism, the LESS food you can eat without putting on weight.

So if you want to be able to eat a ton of food (like pizza, cakes, chocolate etc.) and not put on fat, you need to make your metabolism as fast as possible. The fastest way to do that is by lifting weights – and before you say it… NO, lifting weights will NOT make you manly or bulky (unless you’re taking steroids which I’m assuming you’re not). I’ve personally coached 3500+ women so I know that to be the case – you’ll get strong and toned, lose more fat and be able to keep it off effortlessly FOR LIFE.

Solution: STOP doing sweaty HIIT cardio and START lifting weights for 3-4 hours per week.

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4. The Final Piece Of The Puzzle – Mindset

So everything I’ve told you so far is great in theory… but mistakes with nutrition and exercise are NOT the #1 reason people fail to see LIFETIME results with “diets”.

The biggest reason that people end up stuck and unable to lose weight is that nobody in the “fitness industry” teaches them how to STICK TO THE PLAN. It’s like giving a teenager the keys to a brand new can and expecting them to know how to drive it without any lessons. It’s Insane!

So people start out with good intentions and a shiny new “training plan” from the latest “Instafamous” online coach and at first things go GREAT. They’re eating healthy, exercising and seeing some results in the mirror – Winner!

But then disaster strikes… a death in the family, a bad day of eating,  stressful time at work, the kids driving you mad, a boozy weekend away with your friends… and it all goes to sh*t. You have one bad day and spiral out of control into a black hole of self sabotage, telling yourself you’ll “start again on Monday” while you stuff your face with Oreos and undo all your hard earned results.

and this continues until one day you hit rock bottom and decide “enough is enough”… and at that point you buy ANOTHER “fat loss plan” and the cycle continues. FOREVER.

Today I will have you consider…

If you don’t learn how to Stick To A Plan so you can build healthy habits, exercise regularly and take control of your food choices FOR LIFE… well you’re always going to be struggling with self-sabotage, bad food cravings, yo-yo dieting and end up back at SQUARE ONE time and time again.

So if you really want to make a lifetime shift to your body and lifestyle, lose the weight forever, be totally in control of your food and life choices and feel confident, happy and proud wearing anything you like, you need to work on your MINDSET and MOTIVATION as well as exercise and nutrition.

Solution: STOP trying to succeed with diet and exercise alone and START and add mindset to the mix.

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Putting It All Together

Here at TRINITY our mission is to put a stop to yo-yo dieting once and for all.

WE HELP BUSY WOMEN take back control of their food choices and lose weight for life so they can regain their confidence and live and love life to the fullest.

WE DO THIS by creating lifestyle changes in the three pillars of fitness: nutrition, exercise and mindset.

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