The Fit Over 40 Podcast by TRINITY
Ep 239 - 5 Best & Worst Christmas Foods Around Menopause

Christmas is a time that can often feel like an absolute minefield if you‘re looking to stay fit and healthy.

There are Christmas parties, the shops are packed full of festive food months before and there are constant social events with friends and family which revolve around unhealthy food and snacks.

It can be pretty overwhelming and can lead to people saying “Sod it, what’s the point of even trying” and just giving in to eating and drinking unhealthy foods all winter and then starting again in January.

The problem with this is most people find themselves in a situation where they’re…

  • Bursting out of their clothes
  • Half a stone or a stone overweight
  • Exhausted by repeating the same cycle every year
  • Finding it more difficult to lose weight since getting older
  • Ultimately not managing to lose the excess weight successfully

That can be so demoralising and lead to people gaining more and more weight every year and feeling worse and worse.

The good news is it doesn’t have to be that way!

The majority of our clients avoid gaining any weight over the Christmas period or only gain a pound or two which is easily lost in the first week of January

In today’s podcast, we reveal exactly how our clients are able to do that by going through the best and worst Christmas foods and the mindset you need to consistently make the right choices when it comes to your nutrition at this time of year.

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