The Fit Over 40 Podcast by TRINITY
The Fit Over 40 Podcast by TRINITY
Ep 3 - How To Lose Weight And Have A Social Life


Do you end up sacrificing your social life every time you lose weight?

Well you really don’t have to!

In this episode of The Motivation Method Podcast, TRINITY co-founders Rob Birkhead and Ben Hughes unveil how they’ve taught over 3000 women to still enjoy a thriving social life whilst losing weight every single week.


1. Strict Diets Lead To Confusion, Guilt and Fear

Most diets have a very “black and white” approach.

They have rigid rules (or a rigid meal plan) you must follow to lose weight.

But what happens when you get invited for a meal out or drinks with a friend?

People are left with a difficult decision:

  • Sacrifice the social life to stick to the strict diet and lose weight
  • Continue with the social life but sacrifice the diet and don’t lose weight

It means the only way to lose weight and keep it off is to sacrifice your social life and having fun forever!

Not why most people get into this whole “weight loss” thing, right?

But luckily, there is another way…

2. Knowledge = Power

Fat loss is actually very simple.

It all comes down to energy balance or “calories in vs. calories out” (calories are simply a measure of energy).

  • If you consume more calories than you burn in a day, you will put on fat.
  • If you consume less calories than you burn in a day, you will burn fat.

It’s that simple (yet most diets don’t teach you this as they want you to think their way is somehow special).

When you understand how fat loss actually works, you have the power to choose to lose fat (or not) every single day!

This is both liberating and scary!

Liberating because it puts you in control of your fat loss.

Scary because it means that someone has to admit that they are overweight simply because they’ve consumed too much food and drink – there are no excuses!

3. You Don’t Need Special Diet Food

There’s tons of “diet” foods out there:

  • Healthy ready meals
  • Be good to yourself sandwiches
  • Low calorie crisps
  • All-natural bars
  • Sugar-free cereals

Most of these are simply ways of giving you less food and charging you more for it. They’re not necessarily healthy at all – it’s just good marketing!

When you realise that weight loss simply comes down to eating a little less calories than you burn every day, you are no longer limited to cryptic diets and fancy diet food!

All you need to do is make sure you’re eating the right amount for you, and the weight loss will take care of itself.

4. Tracking What You Eat Can Be Easy (And It Isn’t Forever)

The best way to make sure you’re eating the right amount for you is to track what you eat.

Research has proven we cannot judge how many calories we’re eating accurately – it found we can feel the same if we eat an amount that means we’d lose 2 stone in 6 months as we do if we eat an amount that means we’d gain 2 stone in 6 months!

Therefore the only guaranteed way to know you’re losing fat every day is to track what you eat.

Having trained over 3000 busy women to track what they eat (many with big families, husbands working away or single parents) we know it can fit into anyone’s life.

The best way to learn is to be taught in stages as follows:

  1. Breaking bad habits
  2. Tracking calories
  3. Tracking protein
  4. Tracking “macros” (calories, protein, carbs and fats)

This generally takes us 6-12 weeks with our clients and by the end of it they’ll be tracking everything in under 5 minutes a day.

It’s also important to note that tracking isn’t forever.

It’s the fastest way to lose the excess weight and also teach you what you can and can’t eat and still lose fat, but because it teaches you how to control and manage your food, eventually you’ll know what to eat without having to track it at all.

5. Making The Right Choices Requires A Deeper Motivation

Even with all the knowledge above, there will always be social occasions that test your willpower.

Whilst enjoying a few treats and a glass of wine or two isn’t usually a problem, no one can get away with five 3-course meals out a week and 3 bottles of wine with them.

Ok, that was an extreme example, but a lot of people will be presented with the opportunity to eat and drink far more than they can get away with each week.

Cakes at work, biscuits on tea breaks, a bottle of vino with a friend…

At some point you are going to have to say no to some of these things if you want to lose weight and keep it off.

This requires a deeper motivation – getting clear on what you want and more importantly, the cost of NOT getting it.

One example of this was a lady who added up how much she’d spend on WeightWatchers over the years. It came to over £6000!

Plus then there’s the cost of feeling uncomfortable, unattractive and “past it” to your relationship, the cost of feeling tired, grumpy and lacking in energy for your kids…

Often only when you get clear on the cost of NOT taking action will you get the motivation to start taking action.

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