The Fit Over 40 Podcast by TRINITY
The Fit Over 40 Podcast by TRINITY
Ep 269 - How Jeanie Got Back To Her Wedding Weight In Her 50s

In her 50s and struggling with weight gain during menopause, Jeanie felt disconnected from her once-active self. However, her journey took a positive turn with Trinity Transformation, where she found a tailored approach that quickly and easily helped her shed pounds. This transformative method catered specifically to her body’s changes, proving that reclaiming vitality and fitness in one’s 50s is both achievable and straightforward.

Expect To Learn About:

  • Introduction: Brief overview of Jeanie’s weight loss journey.
  • Jeanie’s Challenges: The struggles and setbacks Jeanie faced before her transformation.
  • The Trinity Transformation Approach: An overview of the method that helped Jeanie and thousands of others.
  • Exercise Adaptation for Menopause: Tailoring workouts for women over 40.
  • Nutritional Strategies: How diet adjustments can lead to sustainable weight loss.
  • Personal Coaching and Community Support: The role of personalized coaching and peer support in achieving weight loss goals.
  • Jeanie’s Results: A look at the outcomes of Jeanie’s journey with Trinity Transformation.
  • Key takeaways and how to start your own journey.

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