The Fit Over 40 Podcast by TRINITY
Ep 213 - How Pernille Lost 17lbs In Her 60s

Today’s podcast is an interview with Trinity member Pernille. Since turning 60 she had to change medication and her weight shot up despite being pretty active. Her GP was concerned about her blood pressure and encouraging her to make some changes to her lifestyle, but Pernille didn’t know where to start.

She signed up to our Fit Over 40 program wanting to lose a stone in 12 weeks, but thinking that might take twice as long or simply not be possible at her age. However, she achieved that and more, her energy level is through the roof, her blood pressure is “perfect” (in the words of her GP) and she’s now enjoying a child-like optimism for the future.

In today’s interview with Rob, Pernille reveals exactly how she did it, even with a number of challenges along the way.

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