The Fit Over 40 Podcast by TRINITY
The Fit Over 40 Podcast by TRINITY
Ep 197 - How Rachel Dropped 2 Dress Sizes As a Busy Lawyer In Her 40s

Today’s episode is an interview with Trinity member Rachel, who’s a busy lawyer from Sheffield in her 40s.

She joined Trinity after finding she’d gained a load of weight in lockdown. It crept up on her and it dawned on her that her clothes were no longer fitting and it was starting to have a real impact on her self-confidence.

However, since joining Trinity she’s lost 1 ½ stone, and gone from a Size 14 to now buying Size 10s and feeling amazing in them. Her confidence is through the roof and she’s finding it’s having a huge impact on her performance at work too.

However, her journey wasn’t plain sailing – she had a terrible back injury whilst attempting to climb Mt Kilimanjaro that meant she was unable to exercise for weeks, and yet she still was able to drop 2 dress sizes and maintain it over Christmas and a recent skiing holiday.

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