The Fit Over 40 Podcast by TRINITY
The Fit Over 40 Podcast by TRINITY
Ep 152 - How Rachel Dropped 3 Dress Sizes at Age 53

In this episode Rob Birkhead talks with Trinity member Rachel Tilden-Walker about her incredible journey.

Rachel has been with TRINITY for just over a year, and has totally transformed herself not just physically, but in all aspects of her life. She had tried many times to lose weight through the age old adage of just moving more and eating less, but nothing seemed to work long-term. She’d keep it up for 8 weeks and then fall off the wagon and regain all the weight again, over and over again.

Since joining TRINITY, Rachel changed her diet and exercise regime to be right for her body now she’s in her 50s, plus she had the support and accountability she realised she needed to keep consistent beyond that 8 week “danger zone” where previous she’d always given up. The upshot of all of that is she’s gone from a size 14 and around 12 stone to a comfortable size 8 and 8 stone 13, and is now maintaining that with confidence.

But the changes go further than that – Rachel’s also been spurred on to fulfil her lifetime dream of sailing round the world, and now has the strength physically and mentally to keep up with all the men on board 70-foot yachts!

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