Struggling to find the drive to stick to your diet? Here are our tips for how to get motivated to lose weight.

We speak to a lot of women in their 40s and 50s who are looking to drop a dress size. Yet, they struggle to find the motivation to make that happen.

Every time they start a new diet plan the same thing happens: they begin to struggle for motivation. Maybe they’re not seeing the results they’d hoped for, or life simply gets in the way. Then, they go back to old habits with eating and exercise.

This leads many women to give up completely, choosing clothes to cover up ‘problem areas’ instead of wearing what they like.

But the good news? There is a fast and easy way to boost your motivation and stay consistent with your eating end exercise. This means you could drop 2 dress sizes, get back into your favourite clothes, and feel AMAZING wearing anything you like… all in as little as 12 weeks!

Find an approach which delivers fast results to lose weight

It’s really demotivating to put in a load of hard work for a couple of weeks, only to stand on the scales to see nothing has changed. This can really sap your motivation, and lead to thinking “sod it, what’s the point” and giving up entirely!

The problem is, most people are trying diets that used to work for them in their 20s and 30s. Things like cutting out carbs, keto, slimming clubs, fasting, low calories, the 5:2, HIIT, gym classes, spinning or running…

However, women’s bodies and hormones change dramatically in their 40s. Not only do the female sex hormone change in the run up to menopause, but the way the body responds to stress also changes.

If the body is over-stressed, too much of the stress hormone cortisol is released (and stays high for too long), which triggers the Weight Gain Triangle:

  1. Leptin resistance
  2. Insulin resistance
  3. Thyroid deregulation

This makes it much harder to lose weight and much easier to gain it.

This means the bog-standard diets and workouts don’t work well at all, as they make the hormonal changes worse and therefore make it harder to lose weight, not easier.

However, when you do something that works with your changing body and hormones, the weight will start to move again quickly and easily, even off your belly, just like when you were younger!

Inside our Fit Over 40 program we use a method called Hormonally Balanced Eating combined with low-impact strength-training. This means our clients are able to see fast, consistent results every week so that they stay motivated.

Get support to keep you on track when life gets in the way

Even if you have the ideal approach to follow, you still need to be able to put that approach into action consistently – no matter what life throws at you.

One thing we see time and time again, is people will get pushed off track by a stressful week of work, a busy weekend of socialising or go on holiday. And while it’s fine to allow for a bit of flexibility, they struggle to get themselves back on track after these setbacks.

This can then lead to them slipping back into bad habits, undoing all their hard work and ending up back at square one!

What we really find helps to avoid this is to have someone you can turn to for help and support when life gets tough – who can coach you through those difficult times.

And that is one reason that the women in our Fit Over 40 program are able to drop 2 dress sizes in 12 weeks – even during difficult times like summer holidays and Christmas.

Set up your lifestyle and environment to make it easy to stay consistent

The issue with motivation is that for everyone, it comes and goes. It’s like the tide, sometimes it’s high and sometimes it’s low. In order to see good results, you need to be on track and consistent about 75% of the time, and it’s likely you won’t feel motivated as much as this.

Therefore, you can’t rely on waiting to feel motivated to take action, as you won’t be consistent enough to see good results.

However, it is possible to act in spite of motivation – whether it’s high or low. The most reliable way to do this is to set up your lifestyle and environment for success, so that when motivation is low you can still be consistent.

This means having the right people and things around you, and avoiding people and things that make it harder to be consistent. And this means your digital environment as well as your physical environment, so it’s also your phone and the apps on there that may be wasting your time and making it harder to be consistent.

Get your environment set up for success and you’ll be able to stay consistent regardless of how motivated you feel that day. For example, inside our Fit Over 40 program we do a process called the Cupboard Cleanse where members remove tempting foods and drinks from the usual places at home. This means that when temptation strikes (and it will!) you can’t just mindlessly open the biscuit tin or treat drawer and ruin all your hard work that day in 5 minutes.

We help members of our Fit Over 40 program set up their environment for success, using tools like the Cupboard Cleanse and supportive community groups and 1-1 coaching, so that they’re able to stay consistent even when motivation is low.

Get accountability to keep consistent long enough to see results

If you’ve spent a long time in bad habits with eating and exercise, it can be difficult to find the motivation to shift to a completely different way of doing things – and stick to that for long enough to see results.

Usually, people find it easy to stay on track for their first few weeks, when they are excited and motivated by their new diet plan. But then that initial excitement fades and it becomes really easy to slip back into bad habits, undo all your progress and end up back at square one.

The reality is, building habits takes time. You need to be able to stick to those habits for long enough that they become ingrained and easier to stick to long term.

The fastest way we’ve found to do this is to have someone to keep you accountable. The most effective way is to have a professional coach keeping you accountable – because it’s literally their job to check up on you! They can make sure you stick to those habits long enough that they become permanent.

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