One of the most common pitfalls for women trying to lose weight around menopause is snacking. It’s easy to stick to healthy meal choices, but the area where many falter is in choosing snacks. The temptation to reach for crisps, chocolate, or cake after a stressful day is high, but these choices can significantly hinder weight loss efforts. Snacks high in calories, sugar, and unhealthy fats can quickly add up, leading to unwanted weight gain, particularly problematic during the menopause years when hormonal changes make weight loss more challenging.

What Snacks Should You Eat & Avoid Around Menopause?

Worst Snacks to Avoid

  • High-Sugar and High-Calorie Snacks: Chocolate, crisps, cakes, toast with toppings, biscuits, pastries, and high-sugar lattes top the list of snacks to avoid. These are packed with calories and can derail your weight loss efforts.
  • WADS Foods: Wheat, alcohol, dairy, and sugar are particularly problematic. They can contribute to intolerances, raise cortisol levels, and halt progress in weight loss.

Best Snacks for Menopause Weight Loss

  • Fruit, Especially Berries: Natural sugars packaged with fibre don’t spike blood sugar levels and are filling.
  • Reduced Fat Hummus with Vegetables: A source of healthy protein and fibre.
  • Savoury Snack-a-Jacks and Rice Cakes: Low in calories and can be satisfying without overindulging.
  • Nuts and Olives: In moderation, these provide healthy fats and are satisfying.
  • High-Protein Snacks: Dry roasted edamame beans, beef jerky, biltong, and a small portion of dark chocolate are great options.

Decadent Treats for Rare Occasions

For those moments when you crave something indulgent, opt for lower-calorie yet rich options like Coconut Collaborative salted caramel chocolate pots, Hartley’s 10kcal jellies, low-calorie ice creams, or a chocolate protein brownie from a trusted program cookbook.

Lesley’s Menopause Weight Loss Success Story

Lesley from Ayrshire, a police officer in her early 40s, shared her transformative journey with TRINITY. Despite a sedentary job and previous unsuccessful attempts at weight loss, joining TRINITY changed her life. She lost 18lbs and 15.75 inches from her body, regained confidence, and improved her diet significantly. Her story highlights the importance of a flexible, non-restrictive plan that fits one’s lifestyle, emphasizing accountability and consistency as key to achieving weight loss goals during menopause.

You can have a look at some more of our client’s testimonials HERE or on our Instagram Page.

Snack Smart Around Menopause!

In conclusion, losing weight during menopause is achievable with the right approach to snacking and a comprehensive plan that addresses the unique challenges women face during this time. By making informed choices and prioritizing snacks that support your weight loss goals, you can navigate menopause with confidence and health. Whether you’re looking for a menopause weight loss private coach or seeking advice on over 40 weight loss, the principles outlined here offer a solid foundation for success.