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It was the 29th November 2015

I had just over £4000 in my bank account and after running away to Croatia, I was living in the French alps

It was a beautiful environment

Perfect snow capped mountains, tall pine trees, glacial streams and crisp mountain air

I though that being in this beautiful place and being able to snowboard every day would make me happy

But I was wrong…

I still hated myself and my life

Leading up to this point, I had been trying all sorts of different approaches to boost my self esteem and feel happier

I had been going to therapy, working on my body, reading books and articles, starting new hobbies, exercising excessively, taking supplements, eating healthy and god knows what else, but nothing was working

Speaking of which…

Let’s pause here for a second, I want to save you some time

If you can’t tell already the number 1 thing I’m trying to do here is help you AVOID failing in the same way I did during my journey to getting the “old me” back

I wasted a ton of time and money trying to find something that would help me to feel better about my body and my life

and later I found out that in some ways I was completely wasting my time!

So just in case you need it… Here is the like where you can apply for our TRINITY Coaching Programmes. Once you fill out this short form, we’ll be in touch by phone to help you discover where your #1 results blocker is right now and see if we can provide you with a solution – so you don’t have to be like me…

Anyhoo… let’s get back to the story!

Where were we?

Ahh yes, 29th November in the French Alps

I didn’t know it at the time but I was burning everything to the ground one piece at a time

My relationship was failing because I was a million miles from home and I was arguing with my girlfriend every night

My business was failing because I was constantly miserable and couldn’t stand to see anyone else happy – not even my clients

My body was failing because I was constantly travelling and not taking care of myself the way I used to

My life was failing because my self-esteem was at an all time low

Any hope of ever regaining my lost confidence and loving my life again was fading…

I just wanted to go back to being that happy, positive guy I used to be!

But I had no clear path.

Then an individual entered into my life at the time through email

(Maybe very similar to the way I’m entering into yours right now)

His name was Garrett White

I didn’t know who Garrett was… I had heard others talk about their experience of working with him and followed some of his content on social media

The thing that resonated with me was this concept that even if I felt like my life was broken beyond repair

That I had the ability to turn it all around… and not only that but to create the life of my dreams!

Even back then I had this feeling inside…

“I KNOW there’s more to life than this”

So I remember sitting there in November 2015

as the emails started landing into my inbox (just like I’m emailling you now about TRINITY)

and it came to the final day of the opportunity to make and investment in one of Garrett’s coaching programmes

Literally the FINAL day to invest

at 12:00 the doors would close

I was watching a video of Garrett talking about what he called The “Have It All Lifestyle”

and I had no intention of signing up to anything

But this video was like listening to my own life story

For the first time EVER someone was calling my out on my own bullshit and telling me to STOP ruining my own life

and I lay there in my bed wide eyed, watching the video playing on my iPhone

I was glued to the screen and the more I watched, the more I felt the emotions began to swell up inside me

I suddenly felt this horrible, sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach as I realised…

“You know what? He’s right.”

It’s ME that’s keeping myself trapped in this downward spiral of self-sabotage and not doing anything about it

It’s ME that’s wallowing in my own misery and depression and refusing to do anything about it

It’s ME that’s not taking care of myself and expecting to just “feel good” every day

I hate the way I feel about myself and how I’m treating myself

I hate how miserable I am! I’m sick of feeling depressed every day

I hate that no matter what I do and where I go, nothing seems to change

I hate that eating junk food, over-exercising, running away to other countries, pushing away people I care about and distracting myself from my true feelings seems like my only solution!

and in this moment, I finally BROKE.

I sat there at 11:52 with my card in my hand… 8 Minutes to go

and the investment in this was just over £3500 to be part of this coaching experience

I hadn’t told anybody I was thinking about to doing this… Not my parents or my girlfriend

and it didn’t make sense to me logically at the time

But there was something inside of me that just said “GO!”

So I pulled the trigger.

and had I not made that decision… 3 years later I wouldn’t be writing this email to you today

Over the last few of days, I’ve shared with you how I got myself INTO this mess…

But tomorrow, it’s time for me to tell you exactly how I got myself OUT.

Look for my email titled [Ch 7 of 9] “Climbing OUT Of The Hole”

and btw, tomorrow Im also going to let you in on the secret strategy that I used to make it happen… so be excited

Ben “Big Spender” Hughes

PS- Here’s the link to the TRINITY Coaching application form – so you don’t have to scroll back up to find it