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I was stood in a fried chicken shop and my nightmares had become real…

“Stay the F*ck away from her!!”

He screamed in my face

My hands were sweating, my breathing was sharp and shallow and all I could think was “please dont hit me…”

I could feel his nose pressing up against mine… I stumbled backwards, TERRIFIED.

But I was unable to do anything… frozen to the spot like a rabbit in the headlights… I felt totally powerless

This was the guy who my “highschool sweetheart” was now dating

A muscle-bound “rugby lad” with striking blue eyes and a foul temper

He had stolen away the love of my life and now he was embarrassing me in front of all my friends…

“You’re not going to do anything are you Ben!?”… he laughed in my face

It was my worst nightmare.

I just wanted to curl up and die.

I spent the next couple of weeks feeling sorry for myself… going out with my friends and drinking to cover up the pain

Until one day I found myself looking in the mirror…

at my scrawny little arms, narrow shoulders and the chicken legs holding up my body

I felt ashamed of what I saw

I glanced down at the “Men’s Health” magazine I was holding in my hands

Bulging biceps, chiselled chest muscles, “ripped” 6-pack abs and broad, manly shoulders…

No wonder I wasn’t getting any attention from the opposite sex

No wonder my girlfriend had left me for a muscle-bound rugby player

I was 19 years old but I still looked and felt like a “little boy”


But THIS was the moment I decided that in order to be happy… I needed a fit, strong, manly body that I was proud of

It was time to get SERIOUS.

and over the next 5 years I figured out how to transform myself from a “scrawny kid” to that “cover model” body that I wanted!

Now… I’ll be totally honest with you, when I first set out on my “fitness journey”


But like most people these days, it all started with a Google search…

I stared at my computer screen thinking about what I should type… I had no idea where to start.

So I simply typed:

“How To Get In Shape?”

I clicked the “search” button and the results flooded in…

Low carb diets
Protein shakes
Low fat diets
Weight training
Low calorie diets
HIIT cardio
High fat diets
High carb diets
Fat burning pills
IIFYM diets
The “Vin Diesel” workout
Fasting diets
The “300” workout
Paleo diets
and 52,000,000 others

Immediately my heart sank as I realised that I wasn’t simply going to find the answer to my problems through a quick Google search…

There was so much information I felt like I was going to throw up

I felt the enthusiasm drain out of my body to be replaced with confusion and frustration

Where was my answer??

Where was my solution??

I scrolled back up and clicked on each link one by one…

To my horror, I then realised that every one of these approached contradicted each other!

I had gone from being totally clueless… to falling into a black hole of information

I just kept reading… getting more and more overwhelmed with every article I read. How was I supposed to know what to do or where to start!?

Now… what I chose to do next, I probably wouldn’t recommend (because it was a COLOSSAL waste of my time)

But I stupidly decided that rather than ask someone else for help…

I decided I’d just go through all of these approaches one by one until I found what actually WORKED

So for the next 2 years I experimented on myself like a mad scientist

I tried starving myself, cutting out carbs, cutting out fats, high protein, jogging, weight lifting, power lifting, fasting, crazy supplements, paleo diets and lots, LOTS more

I read hundreds of articles, studied books and courses, spend thousands of hours in the gym and counted millions of calories


Some of it worked wonders, some of it was a COMPLETE waste of time

and it was exhausting, but eventually I did figure out a “formula” for predictable and sustainable weight loss and toning up

and I was so happy and confident about my physique at that point that I did a couple of topless catwalk shows for charity!

But the crazy part was that getting in the best shape of my life was MUCH SIMPLER than I ever though possible…

Why wasn’t there an easy “fitness plan” that worked for normal people like me? Why was everyone trying to make things so complicated? Why Couldn’t I find guidelines to get myself in shape?

I didn’t know at the time but this moment change my ENTIRE life.

A year or two after I’d figured out my “formula” for getting in shape I realised that I wanted to help other people do the same

I wanted to give people everything they needed to lose weight, tone up, eat healthy, exercise and develop a long term healthy lifestyle ALL IN ONE PLACE

because that’s what I needed and it DIDN’T EXIST

…and that led to me and my best friend Rob creating “TRINITY” and helping over 3545 women (and counting) to stop struggling and get the results that they deserved!

So at this point, life was good… or so I thought.

5 years later when I was sat in therapy talking to a psychologist

was exactly where I hit ROCK BOTTOM.

and tomorrow I’m going to share with you exactly what happened when I hit rock bottom

I’m going to open up and tell you some things that NOBODY at the time knew I was going through… not even my closest friends and family

I’ve kept this secret for YEARS.

Tomorrow we’re going to revisit my rock bottom together and I’m going to give you access to a TRINITY 4-Week Workout Plan which contains a tried and tested workout routine that over 3500 TRINITY clients have used to lose weight fast and keep it off for life!

So make sure you open tomorrow’s message when it comes

My message tomorrow will be titled [Ch 5 of 9] “Rock Bottom.”

Ben “Chicken Shop Chump” Hughes

PS- Yesterday I told you I was going to give you a FREE copy of The TRINITY Quick & Easy smoothies eBook with 12 fat-burning smoothies for you to try!

You can download that right now by clicking the link below:

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