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So over the past few days I’ve told you about two BIG shifts in my life…

1. How getting my heart broken by my “high school sweetheart” led me to uncovering my own “secret” formula for predictable and sustainable weight loss and toning up (and allowed me to get in the best shape of my life)

2. How hitting “Rock Bottom” and going to therapy made me I realised that to make myself happy I had to do more than just “get in shape”… I had to learn to love myself unconditionally by working on my mindset with the help of an EXPERT coach

But what I haven’t told you yet…

Is how I ended up starting a fitness business called “TRINITY” with my best friend Rob

and how together we helped 3545 women to completely transform their bodies and their lives so they could become happier and more confident than they ever thought possible!

It started back in 2013…

Rob and I were both studying Mechanical Engineering at the University Of Bath

We were also housemates, training partners, best pals, we went everywhere together and we even both had the same kind of car

People used to joke that we were like a married couple because we were so inseparable

It’s pretty funny looking back now!

Rob and I were both heavily into fitness at this point… this was during my quest to find the “secret formula” for getting in the best shape of my life

and one day we decided to start a blog

We’d post our healthy recipes, meal ideas, workouts and photos of us topless

I’ll be honest we were just two 21 year old guys who wanted to “show off” and get some attention on social media

(Makes me cringe thinking about it now)

But one thing led to another

Our following grew and people started to take notice…

and that’s when it started.

We started getting a lot of questions from people who wanted to lose weight

and as it happened, MOST of these questions were coming from women

“How can I lose weight?”
“What’s the best diet for fat loss?”
“How can I feel more confident?”
“What kind of workouts should I do?”
“How can I feel happy about my body?”

and I could never have predicted that this would happen

But this changed EVERYTHING.

We could have a purpose beyond just “getting in shape” ourselves and posing in the mirror… we could actually HELP OTHER PEOPLE as well!

But when it came to actually answering the questions?

That’s when we realised… There was no ONE THING that we could tell these women in order to get the results they wanted

It was the Total Package of workouts, nutrition and (most importantly) mindset that was the “Secret formula” to losing weight and feeling happier!

and so it was tough trying to help these women knowing that they probably wouldn’t be able to figure it out on their own (unless they spent years trying and failing like myself and Rob did!)

It was tough to tell these women that the weight loss plan they were looking for… one that delivered PERMANENT results and transformed their lifestyle


and that was the lightbulb moment

This might sound kind of big headed but that’s when we realised…

We could do a better job of helping these women to lose weight and transform their lifestyle than ANYTHING else that existed in the “Fitness Industry”

There are so many bullshit diets, money-grabbing slimming clubs, dodgy personal trainers, dangerous supplements and an overwhelming amount of conflicting information

No wonder so many women were struggling to lose weight and feel happier about their bodies!

So we spent the next three years creating TRINITY…



It started with a simple idea to create our own “fat loss plan” but it became so much more than that!

TRINITY is a way of LIVING based around setting (and achieving) BIG TARGETS and living your life to the highest level. it’s about creating the life you DESIRE regardless of your doubts, fears, excuses and reasons you think you can’t do it.

TRINITY is your ticket to becoming part of a TRIBE of elite women who are DEDICATED to supporting each other and transforming their bodies and lives TOGETHER instead of struggling alone.

TRINITY is a simple step-by-step process to TAKE CONTROL of your body and your life. Joining TRINITY means committing to becoming the most HAPPY, POSITIVE and CONFIDENT version of yourself!

…and these days myself and Rob are proud to be leading a movement of the most committed and inspiring women that we have ever had the pleasure to work with!

Over 3545 women have stepped into our #TRINITYtribe over the past couple of years and used our simple system to transform their bodies, their confidence, their happiness, their relationships and their LIVES

So today I just want to leave you with every tool and resource that will help you to lose the weight forever and learn to LOVE yourself and your life!

If you struggle with knowing “what to do” and how to get yourself motivate to lose weight…

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…and this is where the story ends!

Over the last few days you’ve heard a lot about my life and my struggles

but don’t worry, I’m not going to leave you hanging

I’ll keep sending motivation your way every morning until you tell me not to!

and if you put what I send you into action?

I can guarantee you’ll boost your motivation, start building healthy habits and get the results you deserve!

If you want to sign up for those motivation updates, just keep an eye on your Facebook messenger inbox and I’ll send you instructions about how to continue!

That’s all for today 🙂

Ben “End Of The Road” Hughes