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It was a perfect day…

I could feel the cool breeze and the warm glow of the mid day sun on my face

The grass beneath my back felt so soft it was like lying on a carpet

I could hear the sound of children playing and the hum of people chatting around me

I looked down at the pages in my leather bound journal which contained all of my “90-Day Goals”

Leafing through them one by one with a HUGE grin on my face

Then I closed the book and let my head fall back onto the ground.

The life I wanted to create for myself had become a REALITY.

I was lying there, totally alone

and I was HAPPY.

For the first time ever I LOVED myself unconditionally


– Not being in a relationship
– Not having my friends around me
– Not being in the best shape of my life
– Not making the most money I ever had
– Not being the centre of attention

^^ None of that seemed to matter any more

I couldn’t care less

I finally felt “Good Enough”

I was finally treating myself properly

I had a great relationship with food and I wasn’t rewarding myself with junk food

I had stopped abusing my body pursuing the “perfect figure” and was doing exercise that I LOVED… for fun!

I had stopped going out partying and drinking to fill the emptiness that I felt about my life

I had stopped blaming the people I cared abut for all of my problems

I had solved all of my anger issues, anxiety and depression

I had stopped putting myself down and self-sabotaging

I had become more motivated than EVER before

and I was living life on my terms…

Achieving the goals that mattered to me

I couldn’t believe I’d pulled it off

and that’s when I realised

A lightbulb flicked on inside my head

I was like I could finally see for the first time.

The epiphany hit me so hard, I almost fell of my chair.

The ONE THING that had allowed me to succeed where I had previously failed


I had been trying to do EVERYTHING by myself the entire time.

I had been trying to be my own accountability, AND change my old habits.

I had been trying to tell myself WHAT I needed to do AND struggle with putting that plan into action

I had been trying to find my own path to improving my life, when I had never walked that path before.

I had been trying to cheer myself on when I was my own worst enemy.

and THIS was why I hadn’t been able to transform my life, stop hating myself or feel happier of more positive every single day!

I had been struggling because I didn’t have anyone to hold me accountable besides myself.

I didn’t have anyone to show me the way who had ALREADY been where I wanted to be.

and it wasn’t until I got the help of an EXPERT that I was able to finally start doing what I knew I should have been doing and get the results I deserved

(This might seem obvious to you, but for some reason it wasn’t for me)

I needed someone to hold me accountable to DO what I said I was going to do and avoid slipping back into old habits

I needed someone who could help me adjust my “action plan” when I got stuck

I needed someone that could help me create achievable goal that would actually improve my life

I needed someone who I could talk to when I was struggling to help keep me on track and guide me to my destination

12 months ago, I had thought it was IMPOSSIBLE to start loving myself and create the life I desired

But I had done it…

I had become a totally different person


I guess it was knowing that I had to report what I’d done with my workouts, nutrition and mindset at the end of the week that made me do it…

Or maybe it was the confidence I had in my “Action Plan” because it had been created with the help of my coach to work specifically FOR ME and achieve the goals that I wanted to achieve.

Or it could have been because I communicated with my coach directly every time I was struggling so they could help me overcome obstacles instead of falling off the wagon like I’d usually do.

Or maybe it was the way my coach broke down my plan into milestones that actually felt achievable, instead of trying to do everything at once and getting overwhelmed like I usually would.

At the time I didn’t know why it was working so well, and honestly I didn’t really care!

But one day after months of working with my coach I finally figured it out…

I had tried everything under the sun to make a permanent change to my body and lifestyle so I could feel happy and love myself unconditionally

But none of it had ever worked because I was missing the ONE THING that makes staying CONSISTENT possible…


and today I will have you consider that just like me, the missing link to you getting the results that you deserve… is having someone else to be accountable to.

and if you continue to refuse to seek out PROPER, expert accountability, you could struggle for the next 5 years and NEVER get the results you deserve.

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How To Find Expert Accountability…

I want to stop you here because I don’t want you to feel overwhelmed about finding an Expert to work with. It’s not an easy process to find the right person

Trust me, I know.

Finding the right coach is like finding a four leaf clover.

So after figuring out that this was the secret to seeing results, we actually created and entire programme that focuses on giving women the Expert Accountability they need…

So today I want to help you to know exactly what to LOOK for when seeing out a coach to help you…

#1 Your Coach Should Be A Specialist In Getting Results For WOMEN Like You

#2 Your Coach Should Be Trained And Certified So They Can Make Adjustments To Your Plan To Avoid You Plateauing

#3 You Should Be Able To Have Daily Access To Your Coach Whenever You Need

#4 Find A Coach Who Is Using Systems To Keep You On Track And Stop You From Self Sabotaging

#5 Find A Coach Who Teaches Everything Step By Step Instead Of Overwhelming You With Information

^^ So make sure to use this checklist when you’re looking to find our own EXPERT Accountability, which I 100% believe you need to do ASAP if you want to see dramatic and permanent results

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Tomorrow I’m going to share with you the final piece of this story…

How all of this led me to working with my best friend Rob to help over 3545 women to completely transform their bodies and their lives so they could become happier and more confident than they ever thought possible!

and share with you the “secret formula” that I believe to be the most complete weight loss and lifestyle transformation system for women available today 😀

If I’d have known what I know now from the beginning, my whole journey would have been 1000x easier.

I’m not even joking.

So look out for my email tomorrow titled [Ch 9 of 9] “The Grand Finale”

Talk to you tomorrow!

Ben “Accountable” Hughes

PS- If you don’t want to go through the long process of finding and Expert Coach that meets all the criteria above?

You are more than welcome to apply to join our TRINITY Coaching Programmes and work directly with us on a 1-on-1 basis.

All our coaches are fully certified and have experience working with thousands of women just like you and over 1000 coaching hours completed each.

If you’d like to try working with us directly you can apply here:

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