"This Documentary Is Groundbreaking, Eye Opening & Life Changing. A Must-See For Career Driven Women Who Want The Best For Themselves And Their Families"
The “F3 Fast Track” is our signature online programme for women who are struggling to get the body they want due to a busy career and family life.

After 12 weeks you’ll have taken back control of your life, transformed your body and upgraded your confidence so that you feel happier and more proud of who you are.

Here’s how it works:

In the first 4 weeks we’ll help you free up time to complete the programme, boost your motivation and implement our “F3 Formula” into all areas of your life

then you’ll get…
  •  Your own PERSONALISED F3 action plan designed to fit around your career and family life
  •  We’ll ship you hard copies of the course materials so you’ll have everything you need to transform your body and life over 12 weeks
  •  You’ll get UNLIMITED "tough love" coaching and mentoring from me and TRINITY Co-Founder Rob where we'll FORCE you (in the nicest possible way) to stay focused and see amazing results no matter what
  •  You’ll be given lifetime access to the most powerful fat loss system we've EVER put together (with this proven strategy, busy women have dropped 2+ dress sizes in as little as 12 weeks)
  •  You’ll be invited to our private women-only support community where our friendly members will help and motivate you every day. Some of these women used to hate healthy eating & exercise, now they love it because they’re part of this community rather than struggling alone
  •  We’ll give you full contact accountability which makes it almost impossible to give up (even if you’d usually “fall off the wagon” after a few weeks)
  •  You’ll get 2 online web classes per week so that you ALWAYS feel motivated to succeed and never feel stuck or confused (all recorded to watch at your convenience)
  •  You’ll be PERSONALLY coached by ME and Rob on these calls (not some dodgy "support hero") so we can tailor all your training to suit your individual situation
  •  We’ll show you how to TRANSFORM your mindset so you eliminate negative self talk and self sabotage with some very simple tools, techniques and strategies
and a WHOLE lot more…

The total cost is just £297 (3 part payment plan also available)…

NOTE: this price will not be available forever so act fast
Here's What You Can Expect When You Apply...
"This has been life changing!"
"I feel Strong. Toned. Sexy and confident. I even have abs forming. Having been miserable and depressed about my body for 20 years this has been life changing!"

- Naomi Chadwick
"My Husband Said He’s Got His Wife Back"
"Mentally I feel like a different person. My husband has said that he’s got his wife back the woman who loved life and lived life and it’s Trinity who helped me to be that person again so thank you.”

- Tracey Winney
"I’m Getting Loads Of Compliments"
"I was really unhappy with how I looked and felt. I wasn’t eating right but didn’t know how to change it. Now I’m getting loads of compliments about how I’ve slimmed down and have loads more energy."

- Juliet Heald
  • (1) INTRODUCTION 00:00
  • (2) YOUR COMMITMENT 03:49
  • (3) WHY I WAS UNHAPPY 08:59
  • (4) WHAT CHANGED FOR ME 11:57
  • (6) THE THREE SECRETS 28:32
  • (7) THE F3 FORMULA 52:51
  • (8) WHAT NEXT? 1:05:23
Your Spot For The
F3 Fast Track Opens In: