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Hey this is Ben, Co-Founder of TRINITY Transformation

and whether you’re ready for it or not…

I’m about to get extremely personal.

8 Years ago…

I was depressed and I hated my life.

I was angry at myself and the world for all my problems

I just wanted to be HAPPY.

So I tried to forget it ALL

By going out partying, drinking myself stupid and surviving on a diet of Domino’s pizza, chocolate bars and fish finger sandwiches

I was ordering 7 BIG Dairy milk bars every week during my online shop because I KNEW I’d eat at least one per day

I was at a point where I didn’t even want to get up in the morning

I felt hurt and alone…

and I was trying to cover up all my issues with junk food and alcohol

I had no idea how to get my life together and start feeling happy and positive again

I had no idea how I was going to get the “old me” back and start enjoying my life again

Over the next couple of days I’m going to share with you exactly what I did to go from the situation above…

To learning to love myself, ending the cycle of self sabotage, launching a successful fitness brand with my best friend Rob and helping over 3,545 women (and counting) take back control of their bodies and lives so they could start feeling like themselves again!

It wasn’t an easy journey…

But it was worth it!

and if you’re thinking “Why would a guy like Ben want to become an expert in coaching women on how to lose weight?”

Truth is… I prefer working with you ladies rather than men because you are so much more committed! 😀

I can vividly remember myself 8 years ago where I had NO CLUE where to start when it came to fitness, getting motivated or taking back control of my life so I could feel like myself again…

So my goal is to give away better stuff for FREE than other people charge for

In fact, tomorrow I’m gonna do just that

I’m going to BLOW YOUR MIND.

I’m going to let you get stuck into one of our BEST products ever for Free.

and then ONLY pay if you think its worth it for you

Am I crazy? Probably.

BUT I’m only going to do this if you open my email tomorrow when it comes

Sound like a deal?

I want our relationship together to start out great… because I know what it’s like to feel totally stuck

and from the bottom of my heart, I want to help you regain your lost confidence and start feeling like yourself again!

So I’m going to blow your mind with so much value over the next week that you have all the tools and knowledge that you need to start your fitness journey

Sound good? Tremendous.

Today you’ve completed Chapter 1

Look out for Chapter 2 in your inbox tomorrow

It will be titled: [Ch 2 of 9] “I Felt Embarrassed Of Who I Was…”

Ben “Rags to Riches” Hughes