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Ep 135 – Staying Motivated When It’s Cold & Dark Outside

It’s easy to get down in the dumps at this time of year after the clocks have changed, and that can lead to turning to comfort eating, feeling lethargic or even depression. In today’s episode TRINITY Co-Founders, Rob and Ben reveal their top 3 tips to stay motivated when it’s cold & dark outside. If […]

Ep 134 – Losing 7 ½ Stone With TRINITY – Lou’s Journey Revisited

In this podcast, Rob is joined by TRINITY Member Lou Marsh who since joining Trinity has lost 7.5 stone, bought a whole new wardrobe after dropping 5 dress sizes and has regained her confidence and passion for horse riding. This episode explores what its like to lose so much weight, the effect it has on […]

Ep 133 – The Best & Worst Exercise For Women Over 40

Not all forms of exercise work effectively for women over 40. In fact, a lot of popular forms of exercise make it harder to lose weight and easier to gain weight for this demographic! In today’s episode, TRINITY founders Rob Birkhead and Ben Hughes discuss what types of exercise work best for women over 40, […]

Ep 132 – The Truth About Menopause with Bev Thorogood

In this episode, Rob is joined by menopause expert Bev Thorogood to discuss exactly what menopause is, when it starts to happen (Hint: it’s earlier than most people think!), what the biggest misconceptions are, and how anyone can manage menopause in and out of work to ensure it doesn’t hold you back from the life […]

Ep 131 – The Winter Weight Gain Trap (For Women Over 40)

A lot of women we speak to regain all the weight they lost during the rest of the year over the few months before Christmas, meaning long-term they never actually lose weight – they just lose and regain the same stone or two over and over again. We don’t want that to happen to you […]

Ep 130 – The 6 Biggest Weight Loss Myths For Women Over 40

The dieting industry is so confusing, it’s hard to figure out what works and what doesn’t (especially for women over 40!). In this episode, Trinity Founders Ben Hughes and Rob Birkhead reveal six of the biggest dieting myths for women over 40 (and what to do instead), so you can avoid these traps and focus […]

Ep 129 – How To Get Your Energy Back (For Women Over 40)

Feeling tired and lethargic? It’s one of the most common struggles we hear from women over 40 every single week, and most put it down to ageing, but the truth – it doesn’t have to be that way! In this episode, Trinity Founders Ben Hughes and Rob Birkhead reveal exactly how to get your energy […]

Ep 128 – Women Over 40: What To Do When The Scales Aren’t Moving

It can be so frustrating when the scales aren’t moving no matter what you try. This is a situation that thousands of women over 40 find themselves in, and it can be difficult to know what to do next! In today’s episode, Trinity co-founder Ben Hughes breaks down exactly what to do when you’re over […]

Ep 127 – Best & Worst Snacks For Women Over 40

Snacks can be a minefield, with food manufacturers using crafty marketing techniques to make things look healthy that really aren’t at all! In today’s episode, Trinity Co-Founders Ben Hughes and Rob Birkhead reveal the best and worst snacks for women over 40 who want to drop 1-2 dress sizes or 1-2 stone in 12 weeks […]

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