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Ep 173 – How Frances (Age 50) Lost 17lbs In 12 Weeks

Today’s interview is with TRINITY member Frances, who’s a busy mum of two who’s recently turned 50. Frances had steadily piled on weight in her 40s, and nothing she tried seemed to work to stop the inevitable climb (even stuff that used to work really well only a decade earlier). Her clothes were no longer […]

Ep 172 – Women Over 40: How To Get Motivated To Lose Weight

We speak to loads of women who start a new diet or exercise plan, only to give up after a few weeks, and before they know it they’re back to square one (or heavier!). They often feel like they could do it, if only they had more motivation… but they just can’t seem to get […]

Ep 171 – Do Low Calorie Diets Work For Women Over 40?

For women in their 20s and 30s, low calorie diets can work well to lose weight rapidly. However, women’s bodies change with age, and this means traditional dieting approaches often don’t work for women in their 40s and 50s. In today’s episode, Trinity Founders Rob Birkhead and Ben Hughes discuss whether low-calorie diets work for […]

Ep 170 – Women Over 40: 5 Reasons Why The Scales Aren’t Moving

In today’s episode we reveal 5 little-known reasons why women over 40 struggle to see movement on the scales, and the most effective strategies to get the scales moving and drop a couple of stone or a couple of dress sizes within the next few months. If You Are Ready To Beat Over 40 Weight […]

Ep 169 – How To Diet For A Holiday (Without Messing Up Your Hormones)

It’s tempting to crash diet for an upcoming holiday if you’re not feeling 100% confident and want to shift some weight fast. This can work for women in their 20s and 30s, but the usual methods don’t work well for women over 40. In today’s podcast we discuss why the usual crash diets won’t work […]

Ep 168 – The REAL Reason Our Clients Lose 1-2 Stone Every 12 Weeks

Most diets and programmes are not designed to work for women over 40. They’re usually just about eating less and moving more, which might work for your average 20-something dieter, but women in their 40s and 50s who are dealing with changing hormones, high stress levels, busy careers (and more) require a completely different and […]

Ep 167 – Does Fasting Work For Women Over 40?

Fasting, whether it’s the 5:2 diet or 16:8 intermittent fasting method, is very popular these days. However, it doesn’t necessarily work well for women over 40 who want to lose weight. In today’s episode Rob and Ben reveal why fasting doesn’t work for women over 40, and what to do instead to drop 1-2 dress […]

Ep 166 – Plant-Based Diet Tips With Vanessa Sturman

Ever considered consuming less meat, turning vegetarian, vegan or going “plant-based”? Eating less meat or cutting it out altogether is becoming more and more popular, so for that reason we invited plant-based health coach Vanessa Sturman (founder of Energise & Thrive Plant Based), to debunk some of the common myths around plant-based eating, to share […]

Ep 165 – 6 Summer Weight Loss Strategies for Women Over 40

There is still a way to drop 1-2 dress sizes and lose 1-2 stone this summer, even if you’re a woman in your 40s, 50s or 60s. With the right approach, losing weight as a woman over 40 can happen faster than most people think. In fact, we’ve got countless stories of women who’ve lost […]

Ep 164 – How Anja Got Back Into Her Bikinis In Her 40s

Before TRINITY Anja was in her early 40s, the weight was piling on, and none of the diets she’d tried in the past seemed to be working any more. She was eating mindlessly to deal with the stress of a busy job and she felt like she was becoming old before her time. However, she […]