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"This Has Been Life-Changing"
“Over the past 90 days I have learned that eating is so important for refuelling. I learnt to trust the weight programme and to enjoy exercise again. I learnt that my body actually can be strong! Something I never ever thought would be possible.

I feel strong. Toned. Sexy and confident. I even have abs forming!!

To someone thinking of joining I would say do it!! It’s the best thing I have ever done. Having been miserable and depressed about my body for 20 years this has been life changing!"
– Naomi
"Now I Am As Young On The Outside As I Feel On The Inside"
"I was very fit in my 30s & 40s but a mixture of circumstances, menopause, divorce, new job and doing a degree in my 50s meant I stopped exercising. My weight started creeping up. On my 59th birthday I decided I had to do something before I became an fat old lady on the outside, which did not match with how I felt inside

Trinity has changed my life. I feel far more confidant, and love my new body shape. I am looking forward to our holiday this year – shorts and swimming cosies are being bought ready – may even be brave in a bikini! 

My weight is where I want it to be – I have lost inches but it’s the tone in my muscles and skin that I am most delighted with.

Now I am as young on the outside as I feel on the inside.
– Angela
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