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I Broke.

Yesterday you left me in my room feeling hopeless and terrified…

For the first time I had faced the reality that I had got myself into this mess

ME… and nobody else

all my excuses and reasons about why I wasn’t happy with my life had faded away and I was left with the TRUTH.

My world had been shattered into a million pieces like a fragile pane of glass

and this led me to investing £3,500 in a coaching experience that promised to change my life

The initial high and excitement I felt after signing up quickly faded as I realised…

This was NOT going to be easy.

I was going to have to completely reinvent myself if I wanted to love the person that I was, take back control of my life and start feeling happy and positive again

I wanted to feel good about myself again and regain my lost confidence

I wanted to feel energetic and excited every day and live my life to the fullest

I wanted to stop feeling like people were judging me and feel proud of myself

I wanted to be able to look myself in the mirror and say “I Love You” (as cheesy as that sounds)

I desperately wanted RESULTS.

and luckily… that’s what this new mentoring programme was all about

To say it was intense was an understatement…

On the day I signed up, an email dropped into my inbox titled “Mission #1″…

“If investing $5k was enough to get it done that would be easy. But the reality? It’s going to take a lot more then that. It’s going to take a shit load of work. SO HERE IS YOU FIRST MISSION… If you do not complete it on time you are out.”

I immediately realised this was no normal “coaching programme”

They weren’t going to let me quit on myself or start making excuses

and honestly I felt a little overwhelmed

But I had decided I was going to transform my life and invested a hell of a lot of money to do it!

So I followed everything I was given to the letter

I watched 4 hour long webinar trainings

Listened to 17 hours of audio coaching

and followed the instructions to begin writing down everything I wanted for myself in this new life I was creating

I wrote how I wanted my body to look and how fit and healthy I wanted to be

I wrote about the feelings I wanted to have standing in front of the mirror with no clothes on

I wrote about the relationship I wanted to have with myself

I wrote about the relationships I wanted to have with the people I cared about

and I wrote WHY I wanted to do it.

I wrote down the habits that I needed to break and create in order to love myself:

– I need to stop abusing my body with exercise and getting injured

– I need to become fitter and stop feeling “broken”

– I need to learn to love myself instead of feeling like I’m not good enough

– I need to stop fuelling my body with foods that make me feel like shit

– I need to become a better person to be around for my loved ones

– I need to stop working too much and being constantly stressed

– I need to believe I CAN DO IT.

and then with the help of my new mentor I set about creating a plan to make that happen

a framework of daily actions that I could take to make my dreams a reality

So to get the life I desired, all I needed to do was take small, manageable actions every day…

It seemed so SIMPLE.

(and I was kind of thinking “Did I really just pay $5,000 for this!?”)

But I had never before realised the POWER I could get from writing my goals and the daily ACTIONS I was going to take to make them a reality…

As it turns out – this was the BIGGEST SECRET which helped me to completely transform my life and the way I felt about myself

At this point I was on a high…

I was clear on what I needed to do and excited about the results I was going to be working towards

and for the first time ever I realised that being CLEAR on my goals and how I could achieve them gave me a huge boost to my CONFIDENCE

But then I sat back and looked at my “Action Plan” and got this horrible sinking feeling in my stomach

I had a sudden, crushing realisation that hit me like a ton of bricks…

I had no clue HOW to actually put my plan into action

Writing down my goals and creating this “vision” for my life was a great start

But how was I going to break my bad habits and build healthier ones?

I didn’t know how to stop the self-sabotage, or stay motivated, or learn to love myself

all I could think was…

“Is this even possible!?”


and if you’ve ever felt the same…

tomorrow I’m going to help you avoid getting sucked into the “How The Hell Do I Do This” Black Hole like I did

and if you’re already stuck there? I’m going to tell you how I GOT OUT and how you can too!

This is by far the HARDEST part when it comes to transforming your body and your life!

So if you struggle with that too?

Watch out for my email tomorrow titled [Ch 8 of 9] “The Final Piece Of The Puzzle”

Ben “Clarity = Confidence” Hughes

PS- If you are wanting to write down your goals, find your “WHY” and start tracking your meals, workouts, water, sleep, progress daily wins etc. daily/weekly/monthly just like I did?

We have created a beautiful, fully structured tracking journal to map out the entire structure you need to follow to see results

All you have to do is fill in your daily progress!

Anyway, hopefully this will help 🙂

Click below To Get Your Journal

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