Free Nutrition Calculator

 Welcome to our Free Nutrition Calculator!

Whilst this isn’t as accurate as getting an expert coach to figure out how much you should be eating, this will give you a great starting point if you’re a woman over 40 wanting to get the scales moving in the right direction.

There’s 3 Steps to complete, starting with figuring out a couple of things about you and your body before using the calculator itself… 

Step 1. Your Body Fat Percentage

This section will take you through estimating your body fat percentage.

The best method for most people to estimate their body fat percentage is to use a simple body diagram and compare to they you look in the mirror.

Use the diagrams below to estimate your body fat percentage – do the best you can and don’t worry if it’s not perfect. Within 5% is more than accurate enough for now (although if you work with us inside our Fit Over 40 programs our expert coaching team will do this far more accurately for you).

Avoid using scales that tell you your body fat percentage – these are very inaccurate (they often just send an electrical pulse up one leg and down the other, missing your entire upper body!). Estimating by looking is almost always better!

Step 2. Your Body Type

This section will take you through working out your body type. We are all naturally different and have our individual strengths and weaknesses.

The key thing is that whatever your body type, you can see amazing results with the right nutrition plan! Read on for full body type descriptions.


  • Thin with slender limbs
  • Delicate bone structure
  • Hard gainer, naturally skinny
  • Narrow waist and small shoulders
  • Fast metabolism
  • Requires high calories and carbs


  • Naturally muscular and athletic
  • Strong, hard body
  • Gains muscle easily
  • Broad shoulders and square shaped body
  • Gains fat more easily than ectomorph
  • Can easily gain or lose weight
  • Requires moderate calories and carbs


  • Naturally strong with large joints
  • Soft, muscles less well defined
  • Thick, stocky bone structure
  • Gains muscle easily but also gains fat easily
  • Round physique
  • Slow metabolism
  • Requires fewer calories and carbs

It’s possible that you could be a combination of two body types. For example, you may be somewhere in between a mesomorph and an ectomorph, or somewhere in between a mesomorph and an endomorph.

These combinations can be selected in the nutrition calculator below, so just note down the combination that you think you are.

No matter what your body type is, it’s time to use the calculator itself!

Step 3. Your Nutrition Calculator

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