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7.5 Stone Down At Age 48

“I was originally a size 20/22 and am now wearing a size 8-10. I’ve lost over 7.5 stone and gone from BMI of over 40, classed as severely obese, to a BMI of 22, well within the healthy range. Everything has changed – not just my body but my attitude, my confidence, my energy – everything. I know these changes are not short term, they are for good. My brain feels rewired and the mindset work was the key for me.”

Lou Marsh

Forensic Scientist

Size 14 -> Size 8 At Age 57

“I had got really out of control in terms of my weight, my health and my stress levels. When I joined TRINITY I was a proper size 14. I’m now a size 8 which is beyond what I wanted to achieve. My marriage is a lot better, I’m much happier with that side of things. Work wise, we’ve had the best year profit wise that we’ve ever had and I don’t think it can be just a coincidence – the thing that’s changed is me!”

Patricia Fox

Company Director

45lbs Down At Age 43

“I’ve gone from 11st 3.5 to 8 stone! I bought my first size 8 clothes and still amazed they fit. I’m now a role model to my kids. They see how much effort I put in and see and comment on how well I have done. I never feel hungover anymore so I’m always ready for the day whatever happens and I have been able to help out with all of my family, including late night trips to hospital. I feel empowered and strong, and ready to make bigger choices, own my life and get back to being me.”

Sarah Davies

Insurance Executive

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